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ABC Computers was founded in 2005 as an S-Corp, and is now doing business under the parent company ANDAN, Inc.  ABC Computers specializes in providing personalized solutions  for the home and small business user.

ABC Computers  is a full service consultant offering a range of services from assistance  in selecting hardware and software, to custom PCs, parental controls, and  home networking, all the way to custom servers and small business networking.  As the name states, everything is built custom. No PCs are pre-made and no  parts are kept in stock. You decide what you want, then we build it.

At ABC Computers,  we build with only high quality components. No entry level components are  ever used in an ABC Computers machine. Equally important, everything is built  using industry standard parts. Unlike high volume dealers, no proprietary  parts are ever used. This means upgrades are easier and more flexible, and  documentation is readily available from the manufacturers for all the components  used in an ABC Computers machine. An added bonus is there will not be a bunch  of junk on your computer from the moment you buy it. Your computer comes with  only the software you request. No trial software. No company propaganda. Just  what you want!

ABC Computers  also provides remote support free for three months after a purchase, and on  a subscription basis thereafter. If necessary, we even make house calls. For  more information, check out the Support page.

Thank you for  visiting our site. If you have any questions, just drop us an e-mail.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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